The Magic of Circlework

The Magic of Circlework
The Practice Women around the World are Using to Heal and Empower Themselves

Published by Meetings in Sacred Space
March 1, 2018
300 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9993425-2-7



For over three decades, women’s hunger for sacred intimacy and authentic connection has been drawing them to Jalaja Bonheim’s circles. Immersed in the palpable presence of the sacred, they find healing and inner peace.
Jalaja has trained hundreds women leaders from around the world in Circlework, empowering them to transform ordinary gatherings into sanctuaries infused with the spirit of safety and love. Yet until now, the unique gifts of Circlework were not publicly available. Now, for the first time, you too can access the magic of Circlework!
To do so, you need not participate in a group. Circlework is designed to be applied in the midst of daily life. Learn to heal and deepen your relationships while connecting with the circle as an inner healing resource that you can call on at any time.
Besides facilitating individual growth and awakening, Circlework is also an effective tool for breaking down the walls between groups and nations. Jalaja herself regularly leads circles in the Middle East that unite Jewish and Palestinian women in a spirit of love and understanding. Wherever communities are conflict, Circlework can encourage reconciliation and healing.
Filled with amazing stories, practical tools, and the interwoven voices of countless participants, this book will give you a tantalizing taste of the potent and magical process that is Circlework.

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“Circlework dissolves our separateness and awakens us to the shared heartspace that is our evolutionary potential.  This book is a deeply wise, compassionate and invaluable guide for our times.”

—Tara Brach, PhD, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge