About Jalaja

Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D., is a visionary and group facilitator who awakens women to their true power as healers, peace-makers, and world-changers. In her circle gatherings, which are infused with profound sense of safety and sacredness, women connect in a spirit of authenticity, open-heartedness, freedom and joy. Inner peace and clarity emerge as participants learn to embody the essential attributes of the circle itself: Centeredness, sacredness, balance, unity and wholeness. Women rediscover their own unique beauty and power while simultaneously awakening to the true meaning and importance of sisterhood.

An engaging speaker and teacher, Jalaja has transformed countless lives with her wisdom, compassion, laser-sharp intuition, and warm authenticity. She has trained hundreds of female leaders from around the world to facilitate their own circles and has gathered special acclaim for her groundbreaking work with Jewish and Palestinian women in the Middle East. She led the first women’s retreat ever offered in the West Bank in 2010, followed by the Circlework Training in 2014.

Today, Circlework is practiced in India, Afghanistan, Europe, Kenya, Columbia and other places around the world. In the United States, Jalaja’s students have taken Circlework into diverse fields such as counseling and psychotherapy, spiritual practice, activism and healing work.

“Jalaja Bonheim is the voice of the essential feminine wisdom without which we cannot heal ourselves and our planet.”

— Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason & Happy for No Reason

Books by Jalaja Bonheim include: