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  Now, this is going to be a very special show with someone I’m very excited to have as my guest, Dr. Jalaja Bonheim. The word “ecstatic” as in Extatica, the word ecstatic is intimately connected to our topic for today’s show and one of three critical realms of life that I’d…(Read More)

Jalaja Bonheim agreed to answer a few questions for us about the Circlework she does, her childhood as a Jewish German, her work with Palestinian and Jewish women, and her upcoming book The Sacred Ego. We’re delighted to be publishing Jalaja’s book on July 28 and hope you enjoy getting to know more…(Read More)

Invisible and oppressed- that’s our stereotype image of Arab women. But here I am, leading a retreat in the West Bank for forty Palestinian women who seem every bit as powerful as any of my Western sisters. Most are Muslim, a few are Christian, and the four of us who have come from the…(Read More)

Many years ago, I used to hang out with a little two-year-old boy called Ben. One sunny morning, as we were putzing around in the back yard, he got curious about his dad’s tool shed. So I took him by the hand, and together, we cautiously, we pushed the door open. The…(Read More)

A circle can be a formation of people where everyone around the rim may easily see and hear everyone else. Like King Arthur’s legendary Round Table, where everyone met as equals, Jalaja Bonheim brings together groups in circles to create community, promote healing, peace and global perspective. In January, she traveled to the Middle…(Read More)

The conflicts of the Middle East often seem irreconcilable, but occasionally there are transcendent moments, glimmers of light. During the 1978 Camp David Peace Talks between Egypt and Israel hosted by President Jimmy Carter, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin threatened to withdraw over the wording of a side letter on the status of Jerusalem. President…(Read More)

How does spirituality relate to ecstasy? In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, one of God’s names is ananda, which means ecstasy. These people understood that what we call God or Spirit is the true source of ecstasy. They also knew that this source isn’t external. It’s our own core, our own…(Read More)

I would like to see a world where everyone has access to circles. I would like circles offered in hospitals for nurses who give so much and get so little for themselves; I would like circles offered for veterans who have returned traumatized, and have very few places to tell their stories; I would like…(Read More)

How shall we live in these times? How shall we respond to the awareness of what is happening in our world? Perhaps the first step is to acknowledge honestly: we don’t know. We may have our guidelines, our intentions, our beliefs about what is helpful and what is not. But do any of us…(Read More)