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Jalaja Bonheim is the author of many books. Find out about them here! Learn more &nbsp…(Read More)

Invisible and oppressed − that’s our stereotype image of Arab women. But here I am, leading a retreat in the West Bank for forty Palestinian women who seem every bit as powerful as any of my Western sisters. Most are Muslim, a few are Christian, and the four of us who have come from the…(Read More)

Throughout the ages, people have recognized that in the universal language of form, the circle spells unity, wholeness, and oneness. In a love-infused circle, layers of tension and fear melt away that we didn’t even know we were holding. At last we can simply be. Something deep within us that had closed down…(Read More)

Most of us prefer to hang out with people who share our political views. This is only natural—as they say, birds of a feather flock together. Yet our habit becomes problematic when instead of approaching the “others” as friends who happen to see things differently, we start treating them as enemies. Sadly, in our…(Read More)

The Magic of Circlework: The Practice Women around the World are Using to Heal and Empower Themselves and … The Circlework Training Manual Learn More…(Read More)

Aphrodite’s Daughters Women’s Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul Touchstone; Original edition (June 4, 1997) 400 pages $25.95 ISBN: 978-0684830803   Overview Since its publication, this book has become an underground classic. Based on the stories of ordinary American women, beautifully written, and irresistibly engaging, it shows the immensely…(Read More)

The Hunger for Ecstasy Fulfilling the Soul’s Need for Passion and Intimacy Rodale Press; 1St Edition edition (February 1, 2001) 224 pages ISBN: 978-1579541163 Overview Do you believe ecstasy is a rarefied state enjoyed only now and then by exceptional people? Do you yearn for more intimacy and passion in your life? In…(Read More)

Goddess A Celebration in Art and Literature Stewart Tabori & Chang; 1St Edition edition (October 1, 1997) 239 pages ISBN: 978-1556706219 Overview For centuries, tales of the goddess’s creativity, strength, and suffering have sprung forth from every civilization and corner of the world. In this elegant volume, editor Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D., has…(Read More)