Welcome! I hope that besides providing some helpful information, this website will allow us to feel more connected. As I sit here, I imagine a gossamer thread of golden light linking us across time and space.

As a writer, I love connecting through my books, and I very much hope you’ll read them. Right now, I feel like a very, very pregnant woman, with two new books about to appear in spring 2018—both on the subject of Circlework. You’ll find more info below, and if you’d like to be notified when they come out, please add you name to my mailing list.

I also hope you’ll consider coming to a circle or an event. Words have magic, no question, but my favorite kind of magic is the kind that happens when we come together in the flesh with a clear intention of co-creating sacred space. The experience is visceral, embodied, and so healing, because it allows us to come home to ourselves and to that elusive inner light that we so often lose sight of in these noisy and confusing times.

Alas, this website is not a circle. Still, I would love it if it kindled in you a sense of connection, not only with me, but above all with your own beautiful self. Blessings, and thanks for being here.